5 Back to School Safety Tips

school childrenIt’s that time of the year again for children to go back to school after being home all summer! For new parents, this may be the first time your child is going to school by themselves and this can be a very emotional time for you. However, you should use these safety tips below to teach your child how to be safe inside and outside of school so they can make it home every day and keep your conscious clear.

1. Plan a route with your child to school or bus

Children will want to claim independence at a very young age. One way to make them happy is to let them walk to the bus stop, or walk to school if close enough. Make a route that is easily accessible and safe. Walk a safe and direct route that will be easy for your child to remember .

2. Don’t talk to strangers

One of the oldest rules in the book that every parent should teach their kids is not to talk to strangers. When your child is by themselves, we worry about them because they are vulnerable. Giving your child the knowledge of not talking to strangers will help them avoid situations that we would fear them the most.

3. Pick up/ drop off

When picking up or dropping  your child off at school hang around for the extra minute to watch them go into the school or see where they’re coming from. This does not have to do with not trusting your kids, but instead to see who’s hanging around the school. If something is to happen before or after school, you will be there.

4. Give your child a phone

It is always up to the parents on when to give your child a phone. However, when your child starts going to school, you can stay in contact with them throughout the day with a phone. Also, make sure to teach your child to memorize their phone number & your phone number to call in case of emergencies.

5. Teach them safety rules

If you are a child rides a bike to school, make sure they wear protections such as a helmet. If your child is walking to school make sure to teach them to not walk in front of the bus or tie their shoes in the street.


If your child happens to get hurt this school year, bring them to AFC Urgent Care Stoneham for treatment!