Be Sure to Get Your Child Vaccinated

child vaccinationThe school year is approaching which means its time to start checking off things on the back to school to-do list! Vaccinations are something that every child should get while they are developing, and even into an adulthood.

Vaccinations are the best way to protect you and your loved ones from deadly diseases that have once swept the nation.  Here are a few questions you may have about the importance of vaccinations.

What is a vaccination?

Our immune systems make antibodies that fight off germs and infectious viruses that enter our bodies. Some germs and viruses are extremely strong and can overrun our bodies before they can make antibodies to fight back. Vaccinations were created to give the body a boost in preparing itself from deadly diseases. Vaccinations consist of injecting an imitation of the disease which tricks the body into thinking its in danger. The body will then release antibodies to attack the imitation virus and be prepared if the real virus was to be in contact with the body.

Why vaccinate?

Vaccinations protect children and those around them. If you vaccinate your child, you are not only protecting them, but you’re also protecting your loved ones that are susceptible to illnesses. If someone’s child is infected and brings a virus into school, they could bring on an epidemic. If you vaccinate throughout the generations, then eventually there will be a generation that is born with immunity.

Is vaccination safe?

Vaccinations are extremely safe and effective. Old vaccinations had some risks and complications to infants and children because they would use weekend strands of viruses, and their bodies weren’t at the level of development yet.

Today’s vaccinations are even more effective than before and some side effects you may get are:

  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Redness around injection
  • Slight fever

These symptoms are normal and are signs the body is fighting off the vaccination.

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