How to Catch and Treat the Flu Early On

sick in bedYou did everything you could.  You got your seasonal flu shot.  You practiced proper hand-washing techniques.  You avoided shaking hands with your sick coworker, and you avoided kissing your grandma hello during Sunday dinner.  Now you’re asking yourself, “how did I end up with the flu?

Getting a seasonal flu shot and practicing good hygiene are a few ways you can avoid getting the flu, but sometimes, even with good measure in place, you can still get sick.  While there is no real cure, there are some natural ways you can ease your symptoms.  Let’s take a look at a few key symptoms to look out for and how to treat the flu.

Common Symptoms to Look Out For

Initial flu symptoms can be confused with a normal cold, with symptoms including a sore throat and a cough.  But as the symptoms settle in, you may start to notice a persistent cough, wheezing, and even chest tightness.  Some other symptoms you might want to look out for include:

  • Earache or drainage from your ear
  • Pain in your face along
  • Temperature over 102
  • Hoarseness, sore throat, or a cough that won’t go away
  • Shortness of breath
  • Vomiting
  • Symptoms that get worse or won’t go away

Along with suffering from a sore throat and a cough, you might also feel more tired than usual, and your body feels sore.  If you’re finding it difficult to complete simple tasks and normal activities, you might be coming down with the flu.

How to Treat the Flu Quickly

If you think you have the flu, it’s important to act quickly.  You might feel weary about taking sick days from work, but if you’re coming down with the flu, take a sick day and get plenty of rest.  You should also be sure to drink plenty of fluid to keep your body hydrated and consider taking over the counter medicine that may be beneficial for fever reduction and body aches.

If your symptoms persist, visit a medical professional to get your symptoms evaluated.  The flu can make you feel miserable for days, and even up to a week at a time, so you may want to consider visiting an urgent care center like AFC Urgent Care Stoneham.

Knowing the early signs and symptoms of the flu can help you treat the virus faster and prevent the spread to loved ones, friends, coworkers, and other people you engage with.  If you are suffering from any of the symptoms we mentioned, don’t try to power through your symptoms.  Let us take a look, and provide you with an effective treatment plan so you can feel better, sooner.