Tips for Christmas Cooking Safety

Christmas is the largest family meal of the year besides Thanksgiving, which means cooking for large groups at a time. When preparing in such large volumes, it isn’t uncommon for injuries in the kitchen to occur. Emergency room medical providers see an influx of injuries each year around the holidays, but there are some simple steps you can take to avoid being one of their many unfortunate patients.

Reduce Clutter in the Kitchen

When you’re multitasking in the kitchen the mess around you can quickly become overwhelming. That mess can soon lead to injury as well. Try to reduce the clutter in your kitchen this Christmas by:

Removing excess décor

Christmas decorations are cute, but the kitchen isn’t the place for them. Keep the figurines and lights in the central part of the house to clear your cooking space.

Keep it dry

Wet countertops and utensils can quickly lead to a slipping hand that leads to a laceration from a knife while you prepare the food. Wipe down your surfaces and utensils before using them to ensure proper grip.

Manage the dishes

have a family member on dish duty while you cook. By keeping up on the plates as your meal is prepared, you’ll reduce piles on the countertops and inaccessible sinks.

Focus on The Food

Each year, many of the Christmas cooking-related accidents that occur can be blamed on too many distractions and multitasking. Don’t leave the kitchen to complete other chores or entertain guests when you should be focused on the food. Even stepping away for a couple minutes is long enough for a fire to occur, causing severe damage to your home and everyone in it.

Prepare in Advance

The days leading up to Christmas should be utilized to prepare easy side dishes and appetizers before the big day. By reducing your workload on Christmas, you’ll be able to focus more on the task at hand rather than rushing around the kitchen. Rushing with knives and hot pots and pans never turn out well, so don’t put yourself in that situation! You may even be able to prepare certain hot dishes ahead of time that will just need to be placed into the oven to be reheated. Not only does this improve your safety, but it also decreases the amount of preparation and cleanup you have to worry about on the big day!