Understanding Who Should Get the Flu Shot

While many people get the flu shot religiously every year, some do not understand the importance of getting this particular vaccination. Flu shots, however, are an excellent way to keep your entire family healthy throughout the winter season, when influenza is at its height.

As you read this handy guide, you will learn more about the types of people who should get a flu shot each year. The odds are good that this will cover nearly everyone who lives in your household!

Small children –

Although babies under six months of age cannot get flu vaccinations, parents of little ones aged six months through four years are highly encouraged to vaccinate their children. Because small kids’ immune systems are not yet fully developed, influenza can affect them particularly seriously. Getting your child vaccinated significantly decreases their risk of becoming seriously ill. Young children who get the flu have a higher mortality rate than healthy adults.

Older children –

While children over four years of age have stronger immune systems than babies and toddlers, they should still be vaccinated, mainly if they go to school each day or engage in other activities with other kids. It is also critical for children who take aspirin on a regular basis to get vaccinated every year without fail. The flu could

Any person with a weakened immune system –

Individuals who suffer from chronic conditions, such as HIV or cancer, that weaken their immune systems for an extended period of time should get the flu shot annually. The vaccination will protect these people from unnecessarily contracting an illness that could land them in the hospital or, in the worst case, jeopardize their lives.

Women who are pregnant or nursing –

Experts recommend that women who are pregnant or nursing should get vaccinated against the flu to avoid complications during their pregnancies or, in the case of nursing mothers, to prevent giving the illness to their infant children who cannot yet receive the vaccine. If you are a nursing or pregnant mother, get our flu shot soon if you haven’t already.

As with any medical treatment, consult with your healthcare provider before you get any vaccination, even if you are classified in one of the above groups. It is crucial to get medically cleared before making your vaccination appointment.