Sports Injuries 101: How to prevent injuries

Sports injuries are extremely common at all levels of competition including youth league, high school, and professional sports. Because of the prevalence of these injuries, it is important to know how to prevent any possible injuries before they happen.

Thankfully, parents and student athletes can work together on preventing sports regardless of the sport they play. So how you can you help prevent sports injuries?

Prevent sports injuries by stretching before

One of the best ways to prevent sports injuries is to make sure that your child stretches before any athletic competition. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes of stretching before a game will help to prevent injuries during a game.

Especially for lower body injuries, stretching can help prevent pulled muscles and twisted ankles when done appropriately.

Providing adequate athletic gear

Making sure your child is properly equipped to participate in sports is also important to prevent any injuries. Double check that protective equipment properly fits and is secure. This is especially important for helmets during contact sports such as football where head protection is crucial.

If you are providing equipment for your child make sure that all their gear fits comfortably while not being too loose. If your child’s school provides athletic equipment then make sure to speak with your child’s coach if equipment doesn’t properly fit.

Teaching defensive skills for certain sports

When your child takes the pitch, court, or field, make sure that they have learned certain defensive skills to prevent any injuries. For example, learning how to properly fall, stop, or make contact during a sport can help lower your injury risks.

Enroll your child in a sport with a coach that understands these defensive skills and how to avoid the possibility of injury during a game.

Getting plenty of rest and treatment post game

After an athletic event make sure that your child is adequately rested and that any possible injuries are treated at home. In most cases, icing a bruised or strained limb can help to reduce swelling or pain over an extended period of time.

Make sure to also get plenty of rest since overexertion can increase the likelihood of getting an injury in the near future.

Injuries during school sports are likely to happen no matter how much you prevent them, so make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Stoneham. We can help treat any minor sports injuries including cuts, bruises, and minor sprains!