Beginner Fitness Tips to Help Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle

Making the decision to get healthy is intimidating. You’re probably overwhelmed with questions and uncertainty but getting healthy is easier than you think! Kick-starting your healthy lifestyle involves starting new healthy habits, and before you know it, you’ll be losing all the old unhealthy ones too. Check out this list of fitness tips that will work for every beginner.

Making the Time

You should try to get a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise per week. When you first start your fitness journey finding the time for exercise will be overwhelming. To make it easier, make the time whenever you can! Use 10 minutes of your lunch break to take a walk, spend 20 minutes at the gym, get in your 150 minutes whenever and however you can. Make sure you set reasonable expectations for your new healthy lifestyle, as this the only way to make it successful.

Lift Weights

Weight loss is a wonderful motivation to continue being healthy. Naturally boosting your metabolism through weightlifting and gaining muscle will make weight loss easier. Incorporate weightlifting twice per week. This will also give you a fun change of pace from your typical cardio exercises. You can also use resistance training if lifting weights isn’t for you.

Increase Fitness Gradually

You should increase your exercise gradually so that you don’t get discouraged. Add a little more time, weight, and difficulty each week until you reach your goal.

This will help to make you feel accomplished as you reach smaller goals along the way. After all, seeing real results is the best encouragement to keep going! You can use this same method to make healthy diet changes. Change your diet gradually to help reduce cravings and lower the risk of regaining the weight that you lose.

Find a Partner

If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, don’t try to do it alone. Find a friend or family member that wants to make a healthy change too, and you can share the journey! You can go to them when you need motivation or support, and they’ll be there to cheer on your success. Having a fitness partner creates a sense of accountability for both of you too.

Starting a healthier lifestyle is an exciting time, but it isn’t easy. Be prepared for challenges and setbacks as you work towards a healthier version of yourself. When it gets tough, just remember how far you’ve already come!