How to Handle Urgent Medical Care on Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, you and your family are ready to have a great time while also getting in a delicious meal. The festive mood, family fun, and filling meals are the cornerstones of a perfect holiday. Whether it is a traditional football game outside or another annual event, your Thanksgiving day is a great way to relax with with the family.

But sometimes there is the odd injury or illness that could potentially spoil Thanksgiving day if you don’t know how to handle urgent care situations. Urgent care, or acute care, is the need for immediate non-emergency care. A sudden upset stomach, minor injury, or cold symptoms are all examples of urgent care needs for patients.

Whenever an urgent care need arises on this Thanksgiving Day, make sure you’re ready to keep everyone healthy and safe!

Address injuries ASAP to improve treatment

Injuries can happen whether you’re outside enjoying the brisk air, throwing around a football, or in the kitchen while cooking. Common injuries include bruises, cuts, scrapes, and sprains that could happen at anytime.

If you or a family member experiences a sudden injury, make sure you first address injuries with basic first aid. Stabilize the injury by icing a bruise or applying a gauze or bandage to a cut. If possible, apply pressure to a cut before dressing a wound. For sprains or broken bones make sure to avoid re-injuring someone by carefully transporting them to the appropriate medical provider.

Treat illnesses like colds and flu with medication, rest

Common colds and illnesses are especially common around Thanksgiving time if you’re not careful. If a family member has a cold or flu make sure you keep them safe with effective cold and flu prevention. Techniques like designating a cold and flu room, frequent hand washing, and hygiene are the best way to prevent the cold and flu.

Whenever you have a cold or flu, make sure you get plenty of rest and treat any symptoms with over-the-counter medications. Unless you have a significant limitation or allergy to medication, any OTC reliever can help reduce fever, headache, and congestion.

Visit a nearby urgent care center

If a family member needs an expert to treat their immediate medical needs on Thanksgiving Day, they can always visit AFC Urgent Care Stoneham since we’ll be open 8am to 2pm!

In addition, all of our affiliate AFC Urgent Care locations are open regular hours on Friday so that patients can follow up any medicals they have the next day!