How to Cold-Proof Your House During the Holidays!

Common cold treatment can be a lifesaver when it comes to the holiday season. An urgent care center like AFC Stoneham can immediately treat any sudden cold and flu symptoms you may have. We have a walk-in clinic that can address your cold treatment ASAP and provide you with the relief to fight off the cold.

However, you’ll want to ensure that your house and any other settings for the holidays are protected from the common cold. “Cold-proofing” your household or elsewhere is an effective way to help keep your family healthy and safe during the holiday season!

Prevention is relatively straightforward, but managing seasonal health risks can be tricky when trying to finish all of the cooking, shopping, and cleaning needs during the end of the year. This Thanksgiving, be thankful that AFC Urgent Care Stoneham is here to help give you the guidance needed to flu-proof your house!

Ensure family members are washing their hands often

Frequent hand washing is the best way for anyone to prevent the common cold, or even the flu. Viruses like the common cold tend to travel mostly via direct contact with another person. When people touch or interact with infected patients or surfaces, their chances of getting a sudden common cold increase exponentially.

Additionally, if you have germs and bacteria carrying the flu on your hands it can spread quickly to the nasal cavity or throat. For example, as you eat or touch your face these germs can infect the body through multiple entryways. Emphasize the importance of hand washing before and after meals, after going out to public places, and intermittently at home.

A “sick area” or room can help contain colds

If your child or someone else gets sick, it can help to set up a minor quarantine area for them. A sick room or designated area can help contain the spread of the common cold to other members of the family.

Interact with your sick child or family member by wearing a protective mask, gloves, and un-contaminated clothing. As we mentioned above, always wash your hands thoroughly after helping sick individuals with chores, meals, or other needs.

When possible, take any sick family member to a nearby urgent care center to get symptom treatment. Healthcare professionals can help accelerate treatment and lower the need for a sick room.

Teach kids about the “Vampire Cough/Sneeze”

When at home during the holidays, make sure you teach your children about the vampire cough/sneeze to reduce the spread of germs. The method is as simple as coughing or sneezing into the elbow instead of the hand, which resembles the action of a vampire holding up a cape. By sneezing into the elbow instead of the hand it doesn’t allow germs to easily travel between individuals.

Use these methods to ensure that your at-home holidays are healthy and happy this season!