How to Prevent Common Colds this Season

Common cold season is upon us as the colder weather and holiday festivities begin to signify the end of the year. As the year comes to a close it is important to remember that the beginning of next year means the spread of infectious diseases, including the cold.

Common colds are caused by rhinoviruses, according to the CDC and public health experts, and usually lead to some form of an upper respiratory infection. When a common cold spreads within a patient’s immune system it may lead to a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. These may including sneezing, coughing, fever, nausea, and congestion.

The good news for patients is that AFC Urgent Care Stoneham can provide cold and flu treatment at affordable rates with efficient service! However, it is useful to learn some of the best prevention methods for common colds!

Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap

Frequent hand-washing is by far the best way to prevent common colds and the spread of germs, according to health experts!

Washing your hands after touching public spaces, meeting new people, and generally throughout the day allows a patient to reduce bacteria that could carry a rhinovirus. During the wintertime, it is increasingly important to wash your hands throughout the day: try washing your hands about every hour/two hours during peak cold season.

Avoiding touching your mouth, eyes, and nose in public during cold season

Common colds are caused by rhinoviruses which are most transmissible through open orifices on the human body. These orifices include the nose, mouth, and (even) eyes. Avoid touching these areas to reduce the chances of getting sick this season!

In public spaces, try to avoid contact with your face if there is the spread of a common cold at work or at school. Simply touching your face can drastically increase your chances of getting sick. At home, it is also important to maintain good personal hygiene to reduce the spread of germs.

Try to limit contact as much as possible with others who have a cold!

The most effective prevention strategy when it comes to avoiding a common cold is to limit contact with other people who may be sick.

Look for signs that suggest a co-worker may have a cold such as a pale face, frequent sneezing, coughing, and other general signs of a cold. If you see these signs then make sure that you avoid contact with anyone who could be sick.

Take some time to actively prevent the common cold and it may pay dividends for your overall health!