What Happens During a Sports Physical?

If your child is planning to participate in sports, sports physicals are something you’ll quickly become familiar with. Sports physicals are designed to help keep children safe while they play and avoid unnecessary illness or injury related to pre-existing medical conditions. Although sports physicals will quickly become second nature, going for the first time is a little nerve wracking. Here’s what you should expect! 

Review your Child’s Medical History

To begin the sports physical a physician will review your child’s medical history along with the family medical history. This will reveal if your child is at a higher risk of certain injuries and illnesses. Try to be as thorough and honest as possible during this part of the physical. This also allows your child to have an updated medical record on file in the event of an emergency or accident. 

Assess Current Health Status 

Next, the physician will assess your child to see where their health stands currently. They’ll check the weight, height, and reflexes of the child first. Next, they might ask questions about your child to rule out things like allergies and asthma. Even if your child does have a medical condition, it doesn’t mean they won’t get to play sports!

It just means that the doctor will be able to make sure they’re playing in a way that’s healthy for them. The physician will ask about what sport your child wants to play and what’s involved in games and practice. Some sports require more exertion than others. 

Answer Questions, Refill Scripts 

At the end of the sports physical the doctor will ask if you or your child have any questions. Be honest and open during this time and ask whatever comes to mind! This is a great time to request prescription refills too.

If you’re worried about your child getting injured while they participate in sports, ask the physician for tips on how to keep them safe while they play. Remember that a sports physical is not a substitution for a yearly check-up with a primary care provider and it should not be the only contact your child has with healthcare professionals. 

Visit your local urgent care center today to get your child the sports physical they need. Even though it’s still winter, winter sports need sports physicals too! Sports physicals at urgent care are quick, affordable, and convenient no matter where you live.