How To Stay Informed about COVID-19

The world’s current situation is challenging for everyone. The coronavirus has left the entire world in a state of panic and anxiety. It is a top-trending topic on all mediums as research institutes all over the world are trying to develop a vaccine for the virus. Everyone is working towards a single goal of returning to a “new normal” that allows communities to live healthy and freely.

While it’s true that a vaccine is in development, you still need to continue following updates from public health organizations, state agencies, and healthcare provider.

Keeping track of new updates and developments is a hassle, and with so much misinformation, it’s hard to tell what’s real from what’s not. To avoid reading and to believe any misinformation that can cause even more panic, we’ll go over authentic news sources that you can trust.  

Authentic News Websites

Remember that not all sites strive to provide high-quality journalism, and many of them may share irrelevant news. Some of the stories they tell you might be a hoax. For this reason, it is essential that you only keep track of official news websites. 

Official news websites will update you with detailed news like the status of new cases, what events are taking place, and all the happenings around the world, your state, your city. More importantly, the right news platforms will keep you updated about the vaccine. They will inform you about current statistics and new findings. 

What is the Best Place to get News?

If you are too paranoid and you need to keep up with your local news about the virus and local prevention, you should call up your urgent care and take a story from there. They will provide you with real-time intelligence. 

However, at the time of writing this article, we have around 140,529 deaths, which means that about 10,000 more people died because of the virus in the last month. On the other hand, approximately 61,847 people tested positive in their coronavirus test.

If you want more details about your region, you should check the heat map. The map will help you determine cases by area more accurately. 

Keeping up with current affairs is a good thing. However, obsessing over it is not good either. It can harm your mind and ruin your mental health by restricting you from living a healthy life. 

On the other hand, spotting an authentic source is challenging as well. Currently, we have thousands of sources that provide different news, so look out for ones that give you verified information.