Travel Questions for Patients Related to COVID-19

COVID-19 is spreading around the world like wildfire. It has been eight months since we first discovered the virus. A major guideline to avoid contracting the virus is that countries put restrictions on travel. However, people can’t avoid traveling when they have important places to go to.  

People have been putting off various conferences, important life events, and other trips because of the virus. As restrictions on personal travel begin to ease, people are continuing with their plans. 


What precautions should I take while traveling between countries?

In these challenging times, you must take a few steps to protect yourself from the novel coronavirus. The most important thing you need to do is to carry all your disinfecting supplies with you. While traveling, you need to carry disinfectant wipes, a travel-size sanitizer, plastic gloves, a face mask, and a face shield. 

All of these items will help you avoid contracting the virus. 

How do I know if the place I am traveling to has high rates of COVID-19 infections?

The best way to learn that is by looking at the area’s heat map. For this reason, they are very easy to read. If you want exact detail, you can head over to Google and get precise statistics for the place. You can see the number of recorded cases, number of deaths, number of recovered people, and number of people in critical cases, and much more. 

However, you can read in more detail on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) official website. The website will tell you about all the features of the virus and its curves. It will also give you updates about the vaccine. 

Experts recommend that you only look into official websites only. Many sites and individual creators are spreading misinformation to create mere panic amongst the public and get a few likes. 

As long as infection rates are on the rise, you must travel only if it is very important. You can even contract the virus from asymptomatic carriers. For this reason, you need to stay safe and get yourself tested for the virus if you are showing symptoms. Suppose you test positive, self-isolate from other people and treat your symptoms for fourteen days before getting tested again. 

In the event that you are traveling, make sure that you book a COVID-19 testing or screening at AFC Urgent Care Stoneham. Our providers are ready to ensure that our patients are as healthy and safe as possibly during this pandemic!