How to improve your indoor air quality

Indoor air quality can decrease in the winter months as people start spending more time indoors. This year is a focus with more people working from home or unable to leave due to quarantine. Carpets, furnishings, and some building materials can hold harmful chemicals that pollute the air in your home. In the short term, this can lead to headaches, allergies, or other illnesses. In the long term, depending on how poor the quality is, it can lead to respiratory problems. Improving indoor air quality is not as difficult as it seems, and AFC Urgent Care Stoneham has the information you may need this winter. There are a few easy things to try:

Purchase air purifiers

A straightforward way to help keep in air clean is by purchasing an air purifier. These work by pulling water vapor from the air and sanitizing it. It then releases the clean air back into your home and can help remove allergens and other pollutants. These should be placed in high-traffic areas of the house, such as living rooms or offices.

Plants are also an excellent way to help improve air quality. Plants such as Devil’s Ivy or Peace Lily will naturally help clean the air, similar to an air-purifying system. As long as the plants are waters properly and taken care of, they can improve their air quality in any room.

Keep a cleaning schedule

Carpets and rugs can hold many harmful chemicals in them. Mats that stay by the door have all of the pollutants from outside and can end up making you and your family sick. Pet odors can remain in carpets that can make your eyes and ears itchy. To combat this, vacuum these areas once a week to remove any particles. While this may seem daunting, it is one of the best ways to keep the air clean.

Additionally, dusting surfaces with a damp cloth will help remove any dust particles from the air. If purchasing plants, this includes their leaves. Dust can build up on shelves and surfaces that are not touched often, which can trigger allergies.

Let in clean air

Once in a while, it is good to keep the windows open for ten or fifteen minutes a day if you live in an area that has positive outdoor air quality. It may seem difficult in the winter, but this can help flush out any pollutants in the air. Any harmful toxicities that come in will be purified by either plants or the air purifying system. All three of these options together can make for a healthy winter season. Even just doing one over another will help. None of these options are harmful.

For more information on staying safe this winter, AFC Urgent Care Stoneham has the answers you need. Visit our clinic, or call us at 781-279-4000.