Can I Still Get COVID if I’m Vaccinated?

COVID-19 is still looming around our communities nearly two years after the initial cases. With the COVID vaccines, cases and symptoms seem to be improving among those who choose to get vaccinated. That being said, it is still possible to catch COVID even after being fully vaccinated. Visit AFC Urgent Care Stoneham if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. COVID testing is currently available on a walk-in basis or by appointment.

What to Know about Breakthrough Infections

With all of the different options for the COVID vaccine, none of them claim to be 100% effective. It is entirely possible and expected for COVID infections to still happen among those who are completely vaccinated. That being said, those who experience breakthrough infections are less likely to experience severe symptoms or hospitalization than those who are unvaccinated. It is also still possible for breakthrough infections to spread COVID, among others.

While the vaccine is effective against all strains of the virus, the Delta variant is more contagious than others. In order to truly keep yourself and others safe, those 12 and up need to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The vaccine is the most effective way to protect yourself from COVID.

Symptoms of the Delta Variant

Symptoms for the Delta variant are very similar to the original strain of COVID. Scientists and researchers have found that those with Delta are getting sicker quicker than before. Those who are vaccinated are less likely to experience severe symptoms than those who are unvaccinated. Breakthrough infections often are asymptomatic or experience common cold symptoms, such as headache, runny nose, or cough.

What to Do if you Get Infected

If you begin to experience COVID symptoms, it’s essential to visit AFC Urgent Care Stoneham and get tested to know if you have COVID. If you test positive, be sure to follow all original protocols. This includes quarantining for a period of time recommended by a physician (such as 10-14 days) and wearing a mask if going out in public for medical necessities. If possible, get groceries delivered to your home and avoid close contact with others. Ask your doctor for any recommended medications to help alleviate any symptoms you may have. Be sure to monitor your symptoms to determine if you may need to visit the emergency room. Try and receive the vaccine as soon as possible to avoid catching COVID.