How to Celebrate Halloween During COVID

Halloween is a favorite pastime for many! Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed the much-loved holiday into something somewhat different. Where parents and children were once only concerned about cars and tampered-with candy, COVID brought something new to the celebration. Despite the risks involved, Halloween can still be celebrated safely. Knowing what to look for and how to prepare yourself and your children is vital to enjoying the holiday.

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Trick-or-Treating Safety

Trick-or-treating is a mostly low-risk event this Halloween. It is important, however, to check your local COVID numbers and determine your personal risk. Many trick-or-treaters can continue to lower the risk by only going to homes known for their safety. Homes that have a candy chute or individual baggies instead of a free-for-all candy grab pose less risk. Locating these homes ahead of time can help you to determine the safest route for your child.

Halloween Safety

Traditionally, children experience Halloween parties in enclosed spaces with a lot of people. Although vaccinations are on the rise, these kinds of parties are still not a great idea. If you are hosting a Halloween party, it is best to have it outside, weather permitting. When it is too cold to host an outdoor party, an indoor party can be made safer with plenty of ventilation, masks (can be worn beneath costume masks), and vaccinated adults.

A Halloween party with adults passing out goodies is safer than one with self-serve items. Kids often have indecisive hands, which results in many things being touched. With an adult helper, there will be less touching and less spreading of germs. You can ensure that you are offering the safest party possible given the circumstances by following these guidelines.

Pumpkin Carving Safety

Carving a pumpkin is a wonderful at-home activity that you can do regardless of COVID-19 conditions. Washing the pumpkin before handing it over to children can help to ensure that no bacteria will transfer to little hands. When the pumpkin is ready for carving, an adult should do the carving portion. Smaller children can draw a design for their parents to cut or even decorate the pumpkin with markers or paint.

Should you choose to light up your carved pumpkin, battery-operated lighting is safest. If you feel that a real candle offers the best look, be cautious of placement and surrounding objects. Give your jack-o-lantern a wide berth to avoid fire hazards.

Despite COVID-19, you and your child can still enjoy Halloween! Celebrate with trick-or-treating, a party, pumpkin carving, or even a movie night. Find exciting ways to create new memories this Halloween.