General Illness

Treatment for General Illnesses in Stoneham, MA

Even with our healthy, active lifestyles, we can still fall ill from time to time.  A little bed-rest might do the trick, but you can’t afford to call out sick all the time.  And when your little ones are under the weather, being out of school for too long can lead to missed assignments.
When a cold or the flu wears you down, visit AFC Urgent Care Burlington for treatment.

Our walk-in urgent care center treats a range of general illnesses on a walk-in basis, so you never need an appointment to be seen or receive treatment.  

We treat common illnesses such as:

  •        Colds
  •        Congestion
  •        Influenza (The Flu)
  •        Sinus Infections
  •        Sore Throat
  •        Fevers
  •        Headaches
  •        Earaches & Ear Infections

Why visit an urgent care center for seasonal illness treatment?

Getting the care you need at for your seasonal illnesses is simple at any urgent care center. Whenever a patient needs care, they can simply visit our walk-in clinic to get symptom treatment without an appointment. For example, patients that don’t have the time to get an appointment at their normal doctor’s office, they can simply visit a nearby walk-in clinic/urgent care to get started!

In addition, an urgent care center provides affordable rates for patients so they’ll only have to pay a short co-pay once they visit. AFC Urgent Care treats every patient based on their immediate needs and helps to navigate any other follow-up healthcare decision they may need.

Our walk-in clinic is open seven days a week with convenient night and weekend hours, perfect for your busy schedule.  We also have short wait times, so you can be in and out and back to feeling better, sooner.

We accept most major health insurances and provide low-cost care for our self-pay patients. For more information about the services we provide, please call us at 781-279-4000.