Primary Care

Primary Care in Stoneham, MA

AFC Urgent Care is proud to announce that we are offering primary care services for patients 18 years or older. On top of our urgent care services, the provider team at AFC Stoneham now has primary care services so you can visit a singular location for all of your primary care needs! 

Primary care services offered by AFC Urgent Care Stoneham are available for all members of your family! We strive to be your one-stop medical provider for all of your healthcare needs! Most urgent care centers don’t offer primary care, but we are uniquely positioned to deliver the high-quality healthcare you expect at your primary care office and elsewhere! 

Unlike traditional primary care offices, AFC Urgent Care is able to provide an affordable, accessible, and convenient medical setting whenever you need it. 

Please contact a member of our team to learn more about upcoming and currently available primary care services! 

16 Main Street,
Stoneham, MA

What is primary care? Why do I need it? ​

Primary care is the delivery of basic, non-specialized healthcare that helps patients maintain peak overall health. Unlike specialist care, primary care focuses on the major factors that impact the development of long-term healthcare conditions such as chronic diseases. 

A primary care provider helps patients avoid, or control, their current health status through procedures that help screen and detect new healthcare issues. Primary care focuses on a variety of services that monitor your overall health like blood pressure tests, height/weight checks, vision, hearing, and lab tests. 

Many patients value the relationship with a trusted primary care provider because they help to identify specific healthcare goals and challenges on a patient-by-patient basis. This patient-provider relationship is crucial to ensuring that primary care produces the best possible outcome for a patient! 

Primary care providers are also skilled in patient education, disease prevention, and counseling to help inform patients. 

Without routine primary care visits, patients may experience a worsening in their overall health, miss important medical diagnoses, and experience a lower quality of life. 


Which primary care services are offered at AFC Urgent Care? ​


At AFC Urgent Care Stoneham, our primary care team offers a wide variety of primary care services for each of our patients. These include traditional primary care services such as: 

  • Care coordination (referrals to specialist care) 
  • Preventive care including vaccination services 
  • Routine checkups 
  • Physical exams 
  • Blood pressure screenings 
  • Wellness counseling 

Who leads the primary care provider team AFC Urgent Care? ​

Dr. Rebecca Kano serves as the Director of Primary Care Services at the AFC Urgent Care / American Family Care locations in Waltham, Bedford, Burlington, Stoneham and North Andover, MA. She is a board-certified Family Medicine physician with over twenty years of experience in healthcare.

Prior to joining the American Family Care (AFC) network in 2013, Dr. Kano spent eight years as a Clinical Instructor with the Department of Family Medicine at Boston Medical Center.  Dr. Kano also served for two years post-residency in high-acuity urgent care settings in both Arizona and New York before settling in the Boston area.

Dr. Kano graduated cum laude from the University of Arizona with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology and also from the Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago.  Rebecca completed her residency at the Scottsdale Healthcare Family Practice Residency Program followed by a one-year fellowship in Faculty Development at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center in Phoenix.

Dr. Kano and her team of Primary Care providers are currently accepting new patients across our network.  If you’re interested in our primary care services, please contact us today!